Friends of Fair Housing

Why Become a Corporate Sponsor?

Supporting the Fair Housing Center of Northern Alabama helps to grow Birmingham and all of Northern Alabama economically by ensuring that all are welcome in our communities.

Fair housing is critical to economic development, YOUR BUSINESS. Discriminatory practices in real estate sales or lending can have a harmful effect on our community. Unfair policies reinforce segregated living patterns and prevent the creation of diverse neighborhoods. Local economies may suffer from decreased property values, loss of tax revenue, reduced population, and diminished business activity. Decreased homeownership threatens the stability and strength of our communities. Fair housing rights protect our neighborhoods from these discriminatory practices, and foster the creation of stable, inclusive communities of opportunity.

More Business Benefits

According to SmartRecruiter, “Today’s candidates consider an organization’s moral compass as much as the pay package when shopping for jobs, and hiring managers thinking money alone will net the best people isn’t much the case anymore. A Povado survey found 57 percent of employees think corporate America needs to be more active in addressing social issues, and implement a functional model of corporate social responsibility” [2020].

5 Ways to Support the NAFHC

  • Make a one-time donation to the NAHFC
  • Consider becoming a “Friends of Fair Housing” Corporate Social Responsibility partner with an annual pledge and gift- Learn More
  • April is fair housing month- Launch a month long campaign to match your staff contributions- we can help you design and manage this effort- Learn More
  • Contribute to our Capital Campaign- Download Letter
  • Sponsor one of our bi-annual events

Thank you to our 2020 Friends of Fair Housing